What is V-RACK?

What is V-Rack

It is a free online storage where D2Pass members can save purchased videos and favorite videos.
Equipped with many useful functions, such as creating your own playlists.

V-RACK Features and services

ー V-RACK features ー

  • Store of huge movie data

    If you save videos to V-RACK, you don't need to secure the download capacity.

  • Collect purchased videos

    Videos in V-RACK are permanently stored on the server. No need to worry about data corruption or loss.

  • Manage your videos freely

    You can create your own collection by sorting folders by genre or actress type.

ー V-RACK Services ー

  • View from anywhere

    All you need is the internet and devices. Accessible anytime, anywhere

  • Enjoy indefinitely

    You can continue to watch the saved videos for free even after canceling your membership on the partner site.

  • Reduce hassle and time

    Eliminate the hassle and time of downloading huge amounts of video data.

・D2Pass account is required to access the library in V-RACK.
・Internet connection is required to watch videos.
Purchased videos in the past
Expired download time Videos
Available for Streaming

V-RACK - How to use -

  • How to save to V-RACK

    Click the blue "Save to V-RACK" button on the bottom right side of the purchased movies page. Click to save.

    ※Videos saved in the past can be viewed from Top Menu > My Library.

  • Watch videos previously saved

    After logging in on the Hey video site, click the blue video icon button at the bottom right to view the list of saved videos in V-RACK.

    ※Videos that are no longer available for sale are not stored.
    ※Newly purchased videos must be saved manually.
    ※You can continue watching saved videos even after the video sale is terminated.

  • Save videos in folders

    ❶Press the "+ Add" button under the video list on the left to create your own video list
    ❷Mouse over the video image and select the folder you wish to sort into.